Introducing Candylab Toys

A New Spin on Vintage Wooden Decor

July 26, 2017 Announcements By

Mid-century design meets a love for classic cars at Candylab Toys, which crafts elegant toy cars that are built to last. Forget plastic pieces everywhere; each model car is made from solid beechwood and food-grade rubber tires, topped with a stylish paint job. Any of the selections below would be the perfect addition to a desk, bookshelf or media cabinet.

Pioneer Wooden Car

Your weekend wagon, sporting exposed wood with crisp, contrasting turquoise. Miniature canoe included.

Green Camper (Pre-Order)

A simple, retro camper with handsome trim. Hitch it to the Pioneer above for the perfect road trip combo.

Orange Racer

This modern spin on a classic American Muscle car comes in vibrant orange with a black racing stripe.

Police Cruiser

Perfect for catching virtual bad guys.

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