GO FIGURE: Apple’s now-iconic earbuds, both a source of audio entertainment and unceasingly frustrating, seventh-circle-of-hell tangling issues (not to mention the current, wireless generation’s chic-meets-disembodied-and-easily-loseable-look), were inspired by everyone’s favorite faceless, stupidly evil soliders of the Star Wars-universe Galactic Empire: Stormtroopers. They were all terrible shots, but those outfits apparently looked good enough to stick into human ear canals.

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Molekule Air Purifier

Unlike current air purifiers that catch pollutants in filters, Molekule’s patented nanotechnology destroys pollutants instead of simply trapping them. This includes even those 1,000 times smaller than a HEPA filter can catch. Allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and airborne chemicals are completely destroyed, making the air you breathe healthy again.

Stabilicers Bean Traxx For L.L.Bean Boots

Bean boots are the gold standard of any tasteful-heritage-loving, foul weather-sufferer and now you can keep the look while keeping yourself upright on whatever winter throws your way.

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Your Favorite Chef’s Steak Knives

Spotted by the New York Times at various restaurants, these steak knives are “favored by chefs” and are made available for purchase in “nine handle colors, five wood grains and carbon fiber.”

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Banana Republic Goes Stretchy and Water-Resistant

BR just upped their chino game with a Rapid Movement collection that includes Lycra dual-FX material and a water-repellant coating.

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After Two Decades, Klipsch Brought Them Back

The iconic speaker hasn’t been in production for 21 years, but now it’s back — a three-way design, 12-inch woofers, titanium compression drivers and 15-inch rear-mounted bass radiators.

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Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition

Named after the Greek goddess of calm seas, only 30 examples of this special edition yacht-racing-inspired convertible will be produced by Bentley’s in-house customization wing.

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Find Your “New” Vintage Watch Via Gear Patrol

From the Gear Patrol Store: The Breitling Yachting 7650. Robust and dependable, this is the watch to choose for true yachting expeditions: legible, mechanically suited for the voyage, and strong enough to survive the onslaught of the sea.

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How to save on an H&M sale, a Triggerpoint foam roller and a Todd Shelton sale.

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