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These Vegetable-Tanned Adidas Sneakers Will Be Made Entirely by Hand

August 2, 2017 Style : Shoes By

Over the past seven years, Ryo Kashiwazaki of Hender Scheme has built his brand on reconstructing classic sneakers with premium, vegetable-tanned leather. Over time, he’s expanded his offerings to sandals, boots and other footwear while staying true to his ethos of superior construction, minimalist design and a natural color palette. The giants have noticed, and, according to a report by The Business of Fashion, Kashiwazaki is now set to launch a limited-edition collaboration with Adidas Originals on September 2.

The collection will feature three classic Adidas designs — the Superstar, a pedometer-less MicroPacer (usually found in the shoe’s left tongue) and a NMD without the boost midsole — paring down extraneous elements to emphasize the leather’s natural colors. Only 300 units of each pair will be made, all featuring the same leather. The best part? The sneakers will be produced by Hender Scheme — not Adidas. That means every pair will be handcrafted, not factory made.

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