HERE COME THE MEN IN BLACK: There’s a new job opening at NASA, and it’s almost too good (and too insane) to be true. As Planetary Protection Officer, you’d be responsible for defending Earth from alien attacks, and for ensuring no human contamination on distant alien worlds that NASA may one day explore. It’s a big task, with a salary to match: up to $187,000 per year. As for work attire, you can probably expect to wear a black suit and black sunglasses and carry around a memory-zapping pen in your chest pocket.

YOU MISSED IT: Here’s yesterday’s gear news.

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Finally, Portable Power for All of Your Devices (Including the Newer, USB-C Stuff)

Now you don’t need some clunky adapter to charge your USB-C device on the go.

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Dry Rub? That’s Old News. Try Sticking Your Meat with Flavor Needles

Like doing acupuncture on your favorite cut of meat, only the needles dissolve into spicy goodness.

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A Crash Course in World Dominance

Get business book recommendations from the world’s most influential people, tailored specifically to your interests.

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The Overland Adventure of a Lifetime

Five days deep in the Utah desert, tromping over scorched desert terrain and staying in a remote cliffside oasis. Is there a better way to experience Land Rover?

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For the Most Tech-Savvy Cyclists

Years ago, a computer this powerful would’ve required a bike trailer. Now it’s smaller than your bike light.

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Close Out the Last Month of Summer, With a Refreshing New Beer

The first new Fat Tire in 25 years, made with Seville oranges and Indian coriander.

Exclusive: The Perfect Bag Collection for Your Job and the Gym

From the Gear Patrol Store: Today we’re excited to reveal the second generation of Aer’s Active Collection. Each of the four bags, including the Duffel Pack 2, Fit Pack 2, Sling Bag 2, and Gym Duffel 2, has evolved based on feedback from customers to improve on the original.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to take advantage of a Sperry sale, and how to save on a Dyson vacuum and some Anker Bluetooth earphones.

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