Aim Adventure U

The Fastest Way to Become a Better Outdoorsman? Online Courses

August 4, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

Aim Adventure U is an online school dedicated to teaching people the skills necessary to thrive in the outdoors. Its greatest distinction from other wilderness education institutions, like NOLS or Outward Bound, is not that it’s online-only, but that it allows a high degree of freedom (learn anytime, anywhere) and that it’s wonderfully inexpensive (by comparison, NOLS courses typically cost several thousand dollars.) At the time of writing, there are 13 courses available, including Outdoor Photo School, Backcountry Navigation, Wilderness First Aid Basics, The Ultimate Ski Fitness Workout, Yoga for Climbers and more.

The course syllabi are developed by various prominent outdoor publications, such as Backpacker Magazine, Climbing Magazine and Ski Magazine, while the courses themselves are taught by leading outdoor athletes and academics. Courses cost from $25 to $300; once you’re enrolled, you have unlimited access to the entire course, forever. And there are no required textbooks, no tests, no homework — all you need is an internet connection, plus a laptop, phone or tablet, and you can become a wilderness scholar wherever you roam.

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