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On Sale Now: Quality, Comfort-Driven Tees from Outerknown

August 4, 2017 Style : Clothing By

I’ve been a fan of Outerknown’s surf-inspired clothing ever since the brand launched two years ago. Between its trim trunks and organic cotton shirts, there’s a lot to love. It’s Outerknown’s t-shirts that make the brand tick, however, and since its Beat the Heat sale just started, with savings up to 75% off on select items, now’s a great time to try the signature Outerknown Tee.

The Outerknown tee is a unique two-panel design. Most t-shirts are four-paneled, with the sleeves sewn on to the body. The two-panel design eliminates the sleeve seams and creates a draped look. The absence of sleeve seams also improves the t-shirt’s durability; with less seams to snag, the shirt will last longer. The Beat the Heat Sale lasts through Sunday, so act fast on the Outerknown Tee. At 60% off, you can buy one in each color.

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