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These Low-Flying Sneakers Are Based On an American Classic

August 4, 2017 Style : Shoes By

Japanese brands are known for their exacting takes on American classics. Warehouse is among the strongest in the game, and its interpretations of workwear and athletic wear merge the best details of the old with modern durability. The brand’s latest launch is a take on PF Flyers sneakers. Called “Flyers,” these sneakers cut a low profile and are a formidable alternative to the Converse 1970s All Star that’s been popular lately.

Warehouse’s Flyers are canvas shoes atop a thick rubber sole. The over-dyed heavy-duty canvas comes in three colors; while the tame among us will opt for black or white, the mustard colorway pops and goes well with denim or raw canvas chinos. Unlike many canvas sneakers, the Flyers feature leather patching around the eyelets which help the shoe’s body maintain shape over time. Though “it gets better over time” is one of the biggest clichés in men’s clothing, the adage holds true for these sneakers. Beat ’em up a little, and they’ll develop a lovingly worn-in patina that’s all your own.

Right now, the Flyers are only being sold through Australian store Corlection. The good news is that the conversion rate works in your favor. At $139, these sneakers are a steal.

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