Fresh Apple Gossip: iPhone 8 rumors have been popping up on the internet like Whack-a-Moles for some time now, but last week, one rogue developer uncovered what appears to be our most accurate look yet at the final model, due out later this year. The new insights, which were found buried within the code of a leaked pre-release version of the upcoming HomePod firmware, suggest that the iPhone 8 will ditch Touch ID and instead use advanced facial recognition software, the front screen will feature a small “notch” at the top, Retina resolution will be bumped up significantly, and the Home Button will go all-digital.

In Case You Missed It: Here’s yesterday’s gear news.

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A Sleek Duffel for Singin’ In the Rain

Rains Water-Resistant Weekend Bag: Rains focuses exclusively on making kick-ass rainwear. (It shows in their name.) Now they’ve got a kick-ass rainproof duffel.

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Technical Polos Are a Thing Now

Mission Workshop G6 Polo: This is not your average polo shirt.

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A Mechanical Pen for People Who Don’t Like Click-y Mechanical Pens

Koh-i-noor Metal Mechanical Pencil: Less of a mechanical pencil, more of a sleek metal sleeve for slipping over lead sticks. Equal parts old-fashioned and modern.

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Show Your Love for the Orange and Black Tribe

The Harley-Davidson Book A beautiful, photo-rich, historical compendium on all things Harley-Davidson, the legendary American company that shaped the world of motorcycles as its known today.

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A Capable, Party-Ready Bluetooth Speaker

Libratone ZIPP MINI: The ZIPP MINI has, like, a gazillion features. The most important: crisp, bass-heavy sound.

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Slice Rope, Open Bottles, Turn Heads

Kershaw Pub Knife: Now that’s an unconventional blade.

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Search and State PJ-1 Packable Expedition Jacket

From the Gear Patrol Store: The PJ-1 is a Hooded Packable Expedition Jacket. The idea to build this garment came from weeks on the Search Brigade and the need for the ultimate packable performance jacket for riding and exploring (that can also be worn off the bike in causal conditions). The P1-J is multi-purpose and performs in all environments, with rich styling details and technical features.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on some Nike shoes, Master & Dynamic headphones and Merrell hiking shoes.

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