Volume One: American Craft Beer

Introducing Gear Patrol Field Guides

August 8, 2017 Announcements By

What ever happened to the humble field guide — that thumb-able, spiral-bound companion we kept nearby as a quick go-to resource for our latest obsession? Ah yes, Google.

We’re not here to refute the speed of a search engine, but damn if we don’t love a great thing to hold and reference. That said, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest imprint, Gear Patrol Field Guides.

The purpose here is simple: to help you navigate the wide world of product niches through handsomely designed, printed guides you can keep forever. And unlike your search history, our guides will look great out on a shelf. You can enjoy each volume in a single sitting or use it as a way finding guide for your next product journey. Feel free to jot down notes and musings along the way too — the paper stock takes to graphite and ink just fine.

For our first guide, our team’s experts explore the macro trend of micro brewing through a survey of the country’s leading breweries in the year 2017. Now if you’re asking yourself: why would I buy a printed version of something I could just as easily read online? Well, some things are just better in print and we think these analog tokens are a wonderful expression of our readers’ obsessions.

This Field Guide is 64 pages of hearty stock handsomely designed in a portable, always-at-the-ready field guide format. All for the price of, well, a beer. Cheers to that.

Oh, and one more thing: Field Guides ship free (U.S. only).

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