Guinand Flying Officer 12H Automatic

This German Watchmaker You Didn’t Know About Made an Affordable Chronograph

August 8, 2017 Watches By

Guinand is one of those brands that flies heavily under the radar, but the German watchmaker has a history that goes back all the way to 1856. Guinand had a considerable amount of success making chronographs at the turn of the 20th century and was even helmed during the ’90s and ’00s by Helmut Sinn, who approached the brand with the same philosophy he instilled at his eponymous watch brand, Sinn. That’s all to say, Guinand is still at it today, making some well-crafted tool watches at very appealing prices. Further proof of that is its latest watch, the Flying Officer 12H Automatic.

This particular watch is the brand’s first go at an automatic version of the Flying Officer chronograph. Previously, the watch was powered by the now-discontinued Valjoux 7760 hand-winding chronograph movement, but now features an automatic Valjoux 7753. That movement is housed inside a case that’s only 37.5mm in diameter (uncommonly small for a chronograph sold in 2017) and is both sock-resistant and anti-magnetic to DIN standards. And though the watch uses a Swiss-made movement, the case, dial and final assembly are all done in Germany.

The watch is available now — with a selection of different rubber and leather straps — for purchase directly from Guinand’s website. And for an automatic chronograph, the price is pretty competitive at around $1,765.

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