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Bang & Olufsen’s $30,000 Loudspeaker Is a Blend of Oak, Aluminum and 2,100 Watts of Power

August 9, 2017 Tech By

If Bang & Olufsen’s lavish $80,000 loudspeaker, the BeoLab 90, was just out of your price range, the Danish company’s new BeoLab 50 loudspeaker might be just what you’re looking for. The BeoLab 50 costs roughly $30,000 and, just like its predecessor, is built with Acoustic Lens and Active Room Compensation technologies; the speaker can be tuned to deliver sound to a specific spot in the room and can optimize sound for a specific room. Basically, you can make the speaker sound exactly how you want.

Inside, the BeoLab 50 has one 3/4-inch tweeter, three 4-inch midrange drivers, and three 10-inch woofers. Each of its seven drivers is powered by 300-watt amplifiers, meaning the BeoLab 50 consumes 2,100 watts of total power. Outside, the speaker is built to look like a modern classic, blending both oak and aluminum in a tall cylindrical body. Overall, the BeoLab 50 is a slightly smaller and more affordable option than the BeoLab 90 that’s beautiful and sounds great. But granted, $30,000 for a loudspeaker will likely still be unattainable for most people.

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