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These Roku TVs Are a Bargain (If You Don’t Care About 4K)

August 10, 2017 Tech By

RCA announced a new series of HD Roku TVs starting at $250. Each TV has a 1080p display — not 4K — and also lacks HDR and Dolby Vision compatibility. Basically, these are designed for cord cutters looking for a bargain smart TV. If you just want to watch Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and don’t want to spend big on a large display, these TVs are for you.

In the past, Roku has partnered with the likes of TCL and Hisense on a variety of smart TVs that are all relatively affordable. For example, the TCL P-Series is probably the highest-end Roku TV you can buy. The line’s 4K displays are compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision, and you can get a 55-inch model for well under a grand. In truth, 4K HDR TVs are becoming more affordable as a whole. The problem is that there still isn’t a ton of 4K- and HDR-ready content available for you to stream. That’s obviously going to change in the near future, but right now, a cheap smart TV is maybe all you really want (assuming you’re not a gamer or own a 4K Blu-ray player).

With the new RCA Roku TVs, you’re looking at smaller TVs with very little “wow factor.” On the plus side they’re very inexpensive and will allow you to stream all your favorite things (450,000 movies and TV episodes) without having to worry about extra dongles.

The RCA Roku TVs come in three sizes: 32-inch ($250), 43-inch ($380) and 50-inch ($499). You can buy the new line at Walmart and Amazon, or at brick-and-mortar stores like BJ’s and ABC Appliances.

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