Halti Gear, Since 1972

The Finnish Outdoor Brand We Wish Would Come Stateside

August 11, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

It’s rare that we come across an outdoor brand founded before 1980 that we haven’t heard of before. What’s even rarer is finding an outdoor company that was founded before Patagonia officially became a company in 1973. So we were shocked to learn that Finnish outdoor brand Halti was founded in 1972. The brand was founded by Juhani Hyökyvaara in Helsinki and was conceptualized in much the same way that Fjällräven and The North Face were. Hyökyvaara was working in a camping store in Helsinki when he realized that there was a need for lighter, better-performing gear. That mission led him to create alpine gear tested in the harshest conditions imaginable — particularly the North Pole.

Today, Halti makes everything from jackets and boots to sleeping bags and tents — all with a minimalist aesthetic and crafted from some of the most durable materials available. Especially notable is the brand’s Lippo jacket, an insulating mid layer with Primaloft Gold 60 synthetic fill and a Pertex Quantum shell. The brand is unavailable outside of Finland, but if you find yourself in the area, it’s worth seeking out. Here’s to hoping they come stateside sometime soon.

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