What Is Your Opposite Job? The New York Times has compiled records from the U.S. Labor Department to create an intriguing database of polar opposite professions. Try it out for yourself, and see how a news editor is supposedly the opposite of a model.

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A Speaker Collab That Just Makes Sense

The Capitol One Special Edition Speaker by Klipsch: No, not the credit card company — Capitol Records, the iconic record company that shaped modern music as we know it.

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Chilly Fall Rain Is Almost Here. Wear This

Club Monaco Mac Jacket: Simple and heritage-inspired, as all stylish raincoats should be.

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The Best Reason to Finally Convert to Cider

CidrBox New York State Cider Subscription: Good craft cider is hard to come by these days. For that, there’s CidrBox, a subscription service that drops a new bottle on your doorstep every month.

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Light Fires and Zap Bad Guys

Power Practical Sparkr Flashlight and Lighter: On one end, an ordinary flashlight; on the other, a plasma lighter.

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Clarks Makes a Lot More Than Just Desert Boots

Clarks Trigenic Evo Sneaker: A subtle upgrade of Clarks’ most forward-thinking shoe.

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A Cosmic Event, Now Up for Auction

1967 International Harvester Scout 800: Call it a comet car. It only appears once every thousand years.

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Aer Duffel Pack 2

From the Gear Patrol Store: The Duffel Pack 2 is a hybrid backpack for the gym and office. It features separate compartments for your gym essentials and work tools to keep you organized throughout the day. Go from the gym to the office and never look out of place.

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Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a Backcountry sale, Twelve South Apple cases, styles from Patagonia and an OutPost giveaway.

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