Introducing Mountain Designs

40 Years Running, This Premier Outdoor Brand Is Worth the Customs Fees

August 14, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

The gear shop has always been at the core of the outdoor community. From local mom-and-pop suppliers to the likes of REI, the brick and mortar has and always will be a place for lovers of all outdoor activities to check out what’s new and resupply on what’s needed. The gear shop is a place of community, and those communities exist on small and large scales across the world.

In Brisbane, Australia, Mountain Designs has been filling that all too important role since the 1970s. Like all respectable outdoor companies, Mountain Designs was founded by a wayward mountain climber who just wanted better gear. Rick White claimed the first Australian ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan shortly before launching his gear company in response to the scarcity of climbing equipment in his native Queensland. Mountain Designs has continued to supply adventure-craving Australians with the gear they need to tackle rock climbing pursuits, skiing expeditions and everything in between. The company acts as a retailer for brands from across the globe but also supplies high quality gear — including tents, sleeping bags and outerwear — under the label White created 40 years ago.

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