Better Than Purell

This $30 Hand Sanitizer Is Masquerading as Soap, But You Might Still Want Some

August 15, 2017 Style : Grooming By

The 21st century has, thus far, been one long quest to make our lives more efficient. Instead of taking a shower, we can use dry shampoo and save five minutes in the morning. Our cars can auto-drive themselves. And instead of washing and drying our hands, we can now use rinse-free “soap” from Byredo. Just squirt some of this no-rinse formula on, lather up and hurry off wherever you need to.

There are just two caveats. One, it’s $30. I can’t remember the last time I paid $30 for soap, but my skepticism is tempered because Byredo makes good products all around. Two, it’s an alcohol-based formula and sounds an awful lot like hand sanitizer. Of course, it has the Byredo name and two swell-smelling scents, so there’s no stigma attached. Just call it what it is.

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