'Bout Damn Time!

After Frustrating Delays, Canyon Bikes Are Finally Available In the U.S.

August 16, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Henry Phillips

About a year ago, news broke that Canyon, a coveted German bike manufacturer, would soon land in the U.S. To many American cyclists’ chagrin, the only way to get a Canyon bike stateside was to haul one back from a trip abroad or to loan one from Rapha Cycle Club. The U.S. launch date was set tentatively for spring 2017. For reasons unclear, the launch was delayed; yesterday, Canyon’s premium bikes finally began shipping from its brand-new warehouse in Chino, California.

For now, less than 20 percent of Canyon’s full line-up is available in the U.S. — Matt Heitmann, Canyon’s chief marketing officer, told VeloNews “[we’re] putting our toe in the water” — though that number will likely grow as Canyon’s U.S. operation continues to expand. The bikes are still assembled in Germany and still abide by Canyon’s somewhat controversial direct-to-consumer business model which drastically reduces the bikes’ price tags.

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