New Body, Same Alexa

These Popular Bluetooth Speakers Can Finally Talk with Alexa

August 16, 2017 Tech By

If you already own one of Ultimate Ears’ popular Bluetooth speakers, either the UE Boom 2 ($146) and UE Megaboom ($232), you can now talk with Alexa. Through a firmware update, both speakers have just added Alexa integration. But there’s a catch. The firmware update is only for Android devices, but not all Androids devices. If you own a Huawei Mate 9, Google Pixel, and OnePlus smartphone, you’re in the same unfortunate boat as people who own iPhones.

Once updated, the Alexa-enabled UE speakers won’t always be listening. In order to get Alexa to turn up the volume, change songs or set reminders, you’ll have to press the physical Bluetooth button on the speaker. The Alexa integration is a nice upgrade, especially because both speakers probably sound better than Amazon’s own Echo speaker. For information on what Alexa can and can’t do with on your UE speaker, visit UE.

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