A Set Of Them Costs $17,896

Porsche Is Making a One-of-a-Kind Wheel for Its Most Exclusive Customers

August 18, 2017 Cars By

If you have an insatiable appetite for carbon fiber and want a production car that comes from the factory with carbon fiber wheels, you have exactly three choices: the Ford GT350, a Koenigsegg and, now, a Porsche Turbo S from Exclusive Series.

The new, extremely exclusive wheels need 11 miles’ worth of carbon fiber thread and 86 square-feet of material and are constructed using the world’s largest carbon fiber braiding machine, which measures 29.5 feet in diameter. When all is said and done, each carbon fiber wheel is 18.7 pounds less than the conventional alloy wheel Porsche uses, but it’s also 20 percent stronger. A set of them will run you $17,896, which is more than enough to make you memorize every single pot hole and speed bump within a 20-mile radius of your home.

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