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This Audio Gear Looks Like Midcentury Furniture

September 6, 2017 Briefings By

Symbol Audio has been crafting high-quality audio products from the ground up since 2012. Unlike other audio companies making great hi-fi equipment, their design cues are based on furniture design, making every piece as beautiful as it is functional and high-performing. The Gear Patrol team profiled Symbol Audio earlier this year; now, you can purchase their high-quality products in the Gear Patrol Store. Scroll down for a selection of products available now.

Tabletop HiFi Speaker

This powerful hi-fi speaker hides a Class D amplifier and two 4-inch full-range drivers behind a sleek wood-face panel.

Dovetail Record Crate

Fit up to 100 LPs in these handmade walnut and white oak crates with exposed dovetail joinery.

Stereo Console

A midcentury modern audio console that works as well with turntables as it does with TVs. Includes a built-in high-efficiency 2.1-channel class D amplifier, 4-inch full-range speakers, an 8-inch subwoofer and more.

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