American Giant's Journeyman Sweater

This Textured Crew Neck Sweatshirt Will Be Your Fall Favorite

September 13, 2017 Style By

American Giant’s is dedicated to producing high-quality affordable basics here in the USA. One of its newest garments, the Journeyman Sweater, is no exception. The classic crew neck silhouette is cut from a uniquely textured fabric called Nantucket Fleece. “The manufacturer, based in Clover, South Carolina, created the first iteration of the material by modifying antique knitting machines to manufacture a super-durable, comfortable fabric that was used in a range of technical apparel, including marine, safety, and industrial applications, to name a few,” said Robin Rice, American Giant’s Chief Product Officer. “The Nantucket Fleece is the latest take on this versatile fabric, made for everyday wear. The two-ply yarn gives the fabric a soft handfeel with a brushed back and a ribbed face.” The interesting fabric, along with a construction featuring reinforced stitching for durability, makes this sweater a tempting purchase for anyone needing to update their wardrobe basics.

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