Blow Up

This Rolling Duffel Inflates to Save Space (and Weight)

September 13, 2017 Home By

Smart luggage doesn’t require built-in chargers or Bluetooth integration. From Swiss accessories label Freitag comes a solution-oriented bag that’s pared-down and intelligent by design. Dubbed the Zipplein, the rolling duffel reduces weight by omitting a hard frame altogether. Instead, to give the bag structure, Freitag built bike inner-tubes into the lining, which can be inflated to a roomy 85L capacity using a standard bike pump. When not in use, the bag can be deflated and rolled into a bundle small enough to fit inside a shoebox.

Freitag opted to launch the Zippelin on Kickstarter to better estimate demand. While the project has already raised more than twice its initial goal, early bird deals are still available, offering 19 percent off the estimated retail price of of €520 ($619). The Zippelin is expected to ship in May.

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