Starting at $150

Amazon’s New Big-Screen Tablet Is Fast, Beautiful and Ridiculously Cheap

September 19, 2017 Tech By

Amazon is introducing a new version of the Fire HD 10 tablet, which originally released in 2016. The new Fire HD 10 boasts an improved 1080p display, twice as much RAM (now 2GB) and a new 1.8GHz processor that Amazon promises will be 30 percent faster than the old Fire HD 10 tablet’s. Maybe the biggest change, however, is the price: The new Fire HD 10 will cost $150 — $80 less than the previous one.

The new Fire HD tablet also adds hands-free Alexa integration; you won’t have to touch a button to initiate the voice assistant, as you normally do with Amazon’s other Fire devices. This could potentially be a problem if you have other Alexa-enabled devices — one “Alexa” could set them all off — but you can turn this off in Settings.

Generally, the new Fire HD 10 tablet has the same look and feel as its predecessor. It has a 10.1-inch display and a plastic, cheap-feeling body. But with improved internals and a more beautiful display — plus a big discount — the new Fire HD 10 is a big-screen tablet that’s actually worth it. If you’re looking for a cheap big-screen tablet just for browsing the web, checking emails and streaming Netflix, this option is $170 less than the cheapest iPad.

The new Fire HD 10 will be available in black, blue and red. It’s available for preorder now and will start shipping October 11.

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