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5 Items to Make Your Living Space a Home

September 20, 2017 Buying Guides By

Life changes often call for a change of space as well: a first apartment, a first home, a retirement abode. Zip codes will change, but the elements that make a space into a home will not: You’ll always need great coffee, a space in which to enjoy it, your favorite music, and simple decor. We’ve selected the following products from the Gear Patrol Store to fill these simple needs and help you make your space a stylish home.

A Ferrari in Brooklyn (11×14)

The Gear Patrol team took the gorgeous Ferrari F12berlinetta for a spin around Brooklyn and captured this photo so you could share in the moment.

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

This hand-assembled coffee maker is as much a design piece as it is a high-quality brewer. Each one-of-a-kind machine comes with a five-year warranty.

Trey Jones Studios Cube Frame Planter

This stylish, innovative planter blends a 3D-printed ash frame and drip tray liner with a rustic, Italian-made terracotta pot.

Audioengine HD3 Wireless Walnut Speakers

These sleek wooden speakers are meant to complement the way you actually listen to music — whether that’s streaming wirelessly, playing digital downloads, or listening to vinyl.

Scout Regalia Folding Table

This eye-catching, powder-coated-steel folding table comes in three vibrant colors: Fern Green, Salmon Pink and Mint Green. It also doubles as a magnetic dry-erase board.

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