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One Style Staple Worth the Splurge: A Cashmere Beanie

September 27, 2017 Style By

Cashmere knits are notoriously expensive. The Mongolian fiber has become synonymous with luxury garments and accessories only available to a small percent of the population. If you’re in the market for a cashmere knit but prices seem prohibitive, pass on the sweaters and scarves and opt for a beanie instead.

True, it’s one of the smaller cashmere items you can purchase, but it offers great value. You’ll wear a knit hat more frequently than you’ll wear a sweater, and there are a number of well-made options available for less than two Benjamins. Though not exactly a steal, it’s certainly a smart buy if you’ve got your mind set on cashmere this winter.

Anchorage Cashmere Beanie by Naadam $65

Ribbed Cashmere Beanie by Alex Mill $95

Nomad Cashmere Beanie by Faherty $128

Bunny Echo Cashmere Beanie by The Elder Statesman $280

Denver Cashmere Beanie by Loro Piana $345

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