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Today in Gear: October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017 Briefings By

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New & Noteworthy Releases

RED Monstro 8K VV
The minds behind some of the world’s best ultra high-resolution digital camera systems, RED, just announced the Monstro 8K VV sensor. It’s designed to be paired with RED’s Weapon camera to create the Weapon 8K VV. Together, it’s able to record 8K video at 60 fps and capture 35.4MP stills. If cinematic-quality images if what you’re after, this $79,500 behemoth is your holy grail.

Quiksilver Highline Airlift Vest
There is no more dangerous ocean sport than big wave surfing. The waves are steep, and can be as tall as buildings. Errors can result in long falls and heavy, minutes-long hold-downs beneath crushing waves. Built in collaboration with the dive company Aqua Lung, the AirLift vest aims to minimize this danger and get surfers back to the oxygen above the surface, as quickly as possible. It’s made from neoprene and packs CO2 cartridges that allow the low-profile piece to inflate to keep its wearer above the foam. Available October 14. — Tanner Bowden

The Hinkley Company Dasher
Not one to rest on their near 90-year heritage, Hinkley Yachts has always looked to design and innovation as the way forward. That’s as true as it was when the boat builder was founded in 1928 as it is today. And, on its 90th anniversary year, next year, Hinkley will officially unveil the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht. — Bryan Campbell

MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement
MB&F is known for its wild an innovative designs, and its latest watch, while more subtle than MB&F watches before it, is no exception. Called the “Split Escapement,” the watch gets its name for its unique escapement construction. Normally in a watch, the balance wheel is placed next to an escape wheel to transmit wound energy into rhythmic oscillations, but in the Split Escapement the balance wheel is put front and center on the watch face while the escape wheel is hidden in the movement, giving the former the mesmerizing appearance of spinning freely on its own in mid-air.— Andrew Connor

Fresh Deals

Save $150 on Logitech’s Most Powerful Smart Home Remote
Have you ever wished you could push a single button that turned off your living room lights, turned on your TV and switched the input to your Apple TV? Or what if you could skip pressing the button entirely and just ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant to do it all for you with one simple verbal command like “turn off the living room?” With Logitech’s top of the line Elite harmony remote and companion smartphone app, it’s easy to set up either of these home automation dreams within a matter of minutes.

Right now eBay’s selling a certified refurbished version for an unheard of price of $199. That’s $150 off the full retail MSRP and even $25 less than even Amazon’s certified refurbished listing. So if you’re frustrated with the pile of remotes sitting on your coffee table now and looking for a better way to interact with the technology you already own, now is the time to strike. Want to learn more about the remote? We’d recommend reading David Katzmaier’s review.

Van Life: Your Home on the Road
Save 34%: So you can’t afford to ditch your job and trade your apartment for a vintage VW and the open road, but at least you can gloss over 256 pages of lustful escapism in this new coffee table book, put together by the man who coined the term in the first place.

J.Crew Fall Favorites Sale
Save 40%: Right now J.Crew is generously offering a discount on its latest seasonal styles — from workshirts to blazers — when you enter the code GOSHOP at checkout.

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