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Amazon’s New Kindle Solves a Major Travel Gripe

October 11, 2017 Tech By

Today, a decade after Amazon released its first Kindle, the company unveiled its first waterproof e-reader. The new Kindle Oasis ($250) replaces last year’s premium Kindle Oasis ($290) in Amazon’s e-reader lineup and, comparatively, is better all-around. It’s cheaper and has a bigger display (7-inch versus 6-inch). And, with an IPX8 waterproof rating, you can actually submerge this Oasis in an oasis, should you find one.

The new Kindle Oasis has a few other upgrades on its now defunct and eponymous sibling. It has an aluminum back and a bigger built-in battery, unlike its predecessor’s plastic back and battery that was split between the device and a magnetic folding case. Amazon says you should be able to go six weeks between charges.

It also comes with twice the onboard storage (8GB vs 4GB), too, which you’ll want because this is also the first Kindle to have a built-in Audible app — finally, you can listen to audio books and read ebooks all in one place. However, since this Kindle doesn’t have speakers, you’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones or speakers. There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack.

The option to turn pages with a physical button or the touchscreen is also new to the latest version of the Oasis. Amazon says that software updates have made its page turn animations much faster, which will be good for voracious and slightly-impatient readers. Like the old Kindle Oasis, this new device has a large bezel for easy one-handed reading. Its display has the same 300ppi resolution, but Amazon says the device has a few more LED lights, allowing the screen to get slightly brighter. It also has ambient light sensors, like the Voyage Kindle ($200), that will automatically adjust screen brightness depending on the brightness of the room you’re in.

If you preorder the new Oasis today, you can expect it to arrive around October 31. You can buy it in three models: 8GB ($250), 32GB ($279) and 32GB with 4G LTE ($350).

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