Don't Sit On This One

These Packable Chairs are Great for Camping & Events and Now Just $40

October 11, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

Right now at Huckberry, Kawartha Outdoor’s lightweight folding chair is over 50% off. Normally, it’s $90 (a steep price, when stacked up to similar camp chairs); now it’s $41. It weighs just under two pounds, packs down to about the size of a trucker’s thermos, repels water, and allows fresh air to circulate around your lower back. Alluding to its backcountry spirit, Kawartha calls it a camp chair, but this do-it-all compact folding chair is equally well-suited for the frontcountry, too: think music festivals, tailgates, your kids’ soccer games, waiting in line for the new iPhone X, and so on.

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