A Variety of Weights

The Best Fall Outerwear for Any Temperature

October 16, 2017 Sponsored By

Depending on where you live, the fall and winter months can present wildly different temperatures. From temperate coastal towns to the frigid mountains and the plains of the North, the weather varies as drastically as the landscape. Fortunately, East Dane has your outerwear needs covered, no matter where you live. With over 350 great brands and an incredible shipping policy — fast, free global shipping and free two-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime membership — you can find the perfect jacket without the hassle. For autumnal outerwear inspiration, check out the range of picks below.

Temperate Weather

Wright Jacket by Mollusk $160
Denim Jacket by AMI $420
Suede Zip Shirt by Our Legacy $640

Cool Weather

Boiled Wool Raglan Coat by Harris Warf London $700
Roadmaster Jacket by Belstaff $795
Field Jacket by Arc’Teryx Veilance $995

Frigid Weather

Hammerdal Coat by Stutterheim $795
Artic TT Parka by Woolrich John Rich & Bros. $895
Milspec Parka by Freemans Sporting Club $950