Save On Staub

Save on One of the Best Cast Iron Cookware Brands, Just in Time for Chili Season

October 16, 2017 Briefings By

What do the best chilis, soups, stews and braises have in common? They’re all made in a high-quality Dutch oven. For a limited time, Food52 is running a sale on Staub cookware — top-quality, enameled cast iron cocottes, Dutch ovens, braisers, fry pans and more. Most of the discounted pieces are in Food52-exclusive colorways, like navy or gray-white with brass handles.

Save $120 on the stunningly versatile 3.5-quart braiser (slash roasting pan, slash fry pan), get $75 off a workhorse 5.75-quart oval cocotte, up to $24 off ceramic baking dishes and $70 off 10-inch enameled cast iron fry pans.

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