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The 5 Fastest Cars We’ve Ever Driven

October 18, 2017 Cars By

“How fast does it go?” has to be one of the most commonly asked questions we automotive journalists get from passersby when driving anything remotely exotic. It’s also right up there with “how much?” A higher top speed is more than just a number printed on a spec sheet put to work on pissing-contest detail; it’s a clear signifier of the level of technology and complexity underneath the sheet metal. It’s not easy making a car go fast. It takes a sleek, calculated aerodynamic design, a powerful engine and electronic wizardry far beyond the mental grasp of the average person to keep all four wheels on the ground and push the car forward.

All of which costs money, hence why the two questions usually go hand in hand. Price isn’t always indicative of speed, but speed is almost always a clear signal that complex engineering and a whole lot of stored energy are waiting to be unleashed. These are the five fastest cars we have driven.

McLaren 675 LT

The 650S wasn’t enough for McLaren. So, they built the 675LT, a superlative supercar that’s road-ready.

Top Speed: 205 mph

Ferrari F12berlinetta

The sound is a sonorous cacophony. An auditory blitz. When a Ferrari V12 engine roars, your whole system awakens and you’re drawn in.

Top Speed: 211 mph

2017 Ford GT

The best Ford has to offer, all in one mind-blowing car.

Top Speed: 216 mph

Lamborghini Aventador S

It’s Lamborghini’s most technologically advanced V12 ever.

Top Speed: 217 mph

Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron is much, much more than an avalanche of statistics.

Top Speed: 261 mph (limited)
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