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Get Your Very Own Custom Designed and Tailored Motorcycle Jacket for $700

October 24, 2017 Cars : Motorcycles By Photo by C. Merey

Whether you wear it strictly for style or for added protection on the road, the leather motorcycle jacket is a shoulder-season wardrobe essential. And while we’ve found some serious standouts over the years, Barcelona’s 55Collection is making the best of the breed. That’s because 55Collection doesn’t just offer their own line of stylish hides — they’ll work with you to create your own bespoke threads.

Even if “fashion designer” is noticeably absent from your business card, 55Collection’s staff makes the process of designing and tailoring your own custom leather jacket an easy affair. They made a rendering of my bespoke jacket from images of a couple different styles I liked; I was then able to work with the staff to pinpoint some unique changes in appearance and functionality I wanted. Once a final design had been decided upon, I simply sent measurements over via email. A few weeks later, my own custom leather motorcycle jacket, complete with D30 armor at the shoulders and elbows and a unique, one-of-one design placard were couriered directly to me.

The process takes about 6–8 weeks, depending on design tweaks. A short wait for an exquisite, unique piece of kit.

See the Jacket in Action

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