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Adapted over the past few centuries from traditional Native American footwear, the hard-wearing hunting boot was designed to help trappers handle harsh northern winters. Modern-day versions come in an array of materials and sizes, though they share the same attributes: a hand-stitched moc-toe upper, a lace-up closure and a comfortable but durable sole. The best examples favor a hand-sewn construction that’s rooted in the time-tested techniques of centuries past.

Maine Mountain Moccasin Mowhawk Trail Boot Crepe

Made in Maine, these boots are cut from tan Horween Cavalier leather, and features an incredibly comfortable hand-sewn crepe outsole. The double-stitched quarter panels are set high on the vamp to improve water resistance, and it is finished with a set of raw hide laces.

Russell Moccasin Co, American Bison 5.5 ‘PH’

These Wisconsin-made boots are made from durable American bison leather, and feature cotton duck canvas uppers and kangaroo leather trim. The stock Vibram Newporter sole is both lightweight and grippy, but if you’d prefer another option, you can customize the boot online.

Yuketen Maine Guide Boots

Though Yuketen is based in southern California, its Guide Boots are made in Maine. This pair features Horween waxed leather with American-made Melton wool uppers. It has a chunky Vibram 2021 sole, and black leather laces.

Rancourt & Co. Sherman Boot

Handsewn in Maine, these boots feature bison leather from the Maine-based Tasman Leather Group. They’re unlined and feature Reltex Lactae Hevea Crepe soles, leather laces and brass eyelets.

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