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Staff Picks 2017: Chase Pellerin, Staff Photographer

October 31, 2017 Buying Guides By
Editor’s Note: As a collective, the Gear Patrol staff is a wealth of knowledge about products — everyone is an expert in his or her own right. Of course, every story we publish is a testament to that. In our personal lives, we pursue our product passion too. This series is our way of showcasing and sharing our insights on products we individually endorse and love and own. Our hope is that you enjoy it all — and perhaps discover something new as you meet our staff over the next few weeks.

My picks reflect a guy in his mid-twenties living in New York with three roommates — a guy who travels often and knows the importance of a good comic and an even better dessert.

Kodak Fun Saver

Disposable cameras remind me of my grandma. When I was little, she was adamant about taking photos of her grandchildren. I didn’t get it then, but I get it now. Time is fleeting; photograph those closest to you.

Levi Commuter 511 Slim Fit Jeans

You buy these jeans. You wear them everyday. You don’t look back.


Morning smoothies are objectively better without spinach. Full stop.

Mission Workshop — The Vandal

I bought two bikes while living in San Francisco. I wiggled twice. I sold two bikes in San Francisco. The Vandal backpack purchase was me overcompensating for my lack of spacial awareness and aptitude for navigation. Years later, it has become my go-to travel bag. I can fit an obnoxious amount of gear in this guy and still sneak it into the overhead.

Sigma 35mm Art Lens

It works magic in low light and it’s a steal compared it to its Canon counterpart.

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

I go full ten-year-old me when I open this book. The world has a lot of pitfalls; Watterson helps make it a little brighter.

Stewart’s Death By Chocolate

Growing up in Upstate New York has its upsides. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate almonds, chocolate truffles and chocolate flakes is the kindest way to meet your maker.

‘East of Eden’ by John Steinbeck

This book was gift from my brother. Intimidated by its length, I read it without expectation. I know I’ll read it again.

Vans Ultrarange Rapidweld

New to Vans. New to me. I’ll wear them till they fall apart.

Grail Item

Season Tickets to the New York Knicks

Phil is gone. Melo is too. The Eastern Conference is weak. Why wouldn’t I want to high five Spike Lee after every KP flush?

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