The Upgrade

Invest in a Better White Tee for Daily Wear

November 1, 2017 Style By

Wardrobe staples are the foundation of any outfit. As such, you should invest in pieces that are well made and will stand up to years of daily wear. This week’s upgrade: the white tee. Whether worn by itself or under a button-up or sweater, it’s a minimalist shirt that looks good no matter the occasion. Look for a tee made of quality fabric and sewn to take on years of wearing and washing. While the price may be higher, the shirt will look better, longer; you’re paying for quality.

Pima Curved Hem Tee by Buck Mason $28

Broken-In T-Shirt by J.Crew $30

Crew Neck Tee (Two Pack) by Edwin $35

Short Sleeve Pocket Tee (Two Pack) by Velva Sheen $78

T-Shirt (Two Pack) by Reigning Champ $84

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