Lennart Pagel

Followers: 276,000
Location: Germany

Benjamin Everett

Followers: 275,000
Location: United States

Stian Klo

Followers: 267,000
Location: Norway

Vitaly Raskalov

Followers: 263,000
Location: Russia

Kevin Russ

Spitzkoppe, Namibia

A post shared by Kevin Russ (@kevinruss) on

Followers: 262,000
Location: United States

Matthew Hahnel

Followers: 257,000
Location: Australia

Kyle Houck

Last night’s sunset ?? Posting a new vid tomorrow ?

A post shared by @KYLEHOUCK (@kylehouck) on

Followers: 253,000
Location: United States



A post shared by Kosten (@kosten) on

Followers: 253,000
Location: United States

Andy Mann

Followers: 245,000
Location: United States

Tim Kemple

It’s going to be the most epic rope swing…

A post shared by Tim Kemple (@timkemple) on

Followers: 244,000
Location: United States

Brenton Clarke

Finally feeling like Fall around here ?

A post shared by Brenton Clarke Little (@brenton_clarke) on

Followers: 238,000
Location: United States

Humza Deas

Followers: 218,000
Location: United States

Shane Bkack

I think every day should be national dog day

A post shared by Shane (@shanemichaelblack) on

Followers: 209,000
Location: United States

Sarah Hatton

It’s just so damn pretty here, so good to be back in my old backyard… ??? #unspoilt ? @visitnsw #newsouthwales @kiamansw #kiamansw #sp

A post shared by Sarah Hatton | Melbourne (@iso100_photography) on

Followers: 207,000
Location: Australia

Michael Matti

Followers: 200,000
Location: United States

Gary Arndt

Followers: 199,000
Location: United States

Colby Brown

Followers: 198,000
Location: United States

Dave & Deb

Followers: 197,000
Location: Canada

Christian Schaffer

Fall reminds us of how beautiful it can be to let things go ?

A post shared by Christian A. Schaffer (@christianannschaffer) on

Followers: 196,000
Location: United States

Liz Carlson

Followers: 191,000
Location: New Zealand

Jeff Spackman

Someone told me the important things in life should come easy. And while I can see truth in that, I think back on my life and I haven’t had that experience. I don’t think myself a pessimist, but like climbing a mountain, I see a steep trail before the peak. In my life, the things that matter the most have also taken the most from me. They’ve taken time, been heart breaking, disappointing, and demanding physically and mentally. However, they’ve also been the most rewarding, instilling in me glimpses of the attributes that make up the best of who I hope to be, hard work, sensitivity, dedication, love, faith, humility, understanding, charity. It’s when I choose to look through that eye of faith that I’m able to see pain for what it is, nothing to fear or break us down, but our weakness becoming our strength.

A post shared by Jeffrey Spackman (@namkcaps) on

Followers: 171,000
Location: Canada

Paul Zizka

Followers: 171,000
Location: Canada

Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

Followers: 168,000
Location: Canada

Ted Gore

Followers: 168,000
Location: Canada

Brooke Willson

Followers: 156,000
Location: Canada

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