Trey Ratcliff

A scene off the side of the road… stopped for a quick photo. #landscape #cloud #tree #three #solitary #barn

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Location: Europe

Caroline Foster

Montana backroads are my fave, especially when they’re surrounded by giant larch trees

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Location: United States

Mark Clinton

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Location: Australia

Perrin James

What are you looking at ? ? #takotuesday #underwater #hawaii

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Arild Heitmann

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Karen Grubby

2X2L calling CQ…

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Will Burrard-Lucasy

Impala at sunset, photographed in Namibia.

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Emanuel Smedbol

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Sondre Eriksen

• I’m ready #NikonD610 #Samyang14mm #xxlSport

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Bruin Alexander

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Taylor Rees

No where is the value of water so visible as in the desert. A place where Renan and I have been laying low all week, climbing and resting and appreciating the public water sources nearby where we refill our 5 gallon jug every few days. I geek out going on @environmentalworkinggroup #tapwaterdatabase to see what the various levels of contaminants are in local water sources from every town and county in the U.S. I mean, HOW LUCKY ARE WE THAT WE CAN ACCESS THIS INFORMATION! I think about Puerto Rico, the news coming out that people, out of sheer desperation, are turning to contaminated water pumps from superfund sites. Thank you Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) for calling on the U.S. Government to take more action immediately in making sure there is safe drinking water until PR can rebuild that infrastructure. #waterisahumanright @water

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Kristin Addis

Just to set the record straight, this is the fairest castle in all the land

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Karan Bhatia

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Tom Parker

Hanging out in the Rockies, watching the waters swirl below.

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Tessa & Dylan

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Sean Parker

I truly love our skies here in Tucson, Arizona. Where is your favorite place to stargaze?

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Ben Moon


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Kyle Buckland

It’s Electric ??

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Maisy Moon

It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Elena Pressprich

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Adam Clark

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Becca Skinner

@chefranga.p on the early search for trout. Shot for @orvis @bigholelodge #orvisflyfishing #orvisambassador

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Christin Healey

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Kylie Fly

I watched as the clock turned to 2:00 am, yet again, and I stood awake in my kitchen. Except this time I had a mouth full of freshly baked cookies, still warm from the oven. A friend who also shares my affinity for odd waking hours texts me and we have a conversation about the stuff of life. I am most reflective while the world sleeps and darkness envelopes our tiny homes, telling us it’s time to rest. It’s this weird limbo in between night and day that I’m too sleepy to be productive but too contemplative to be restful. My eyes stay open for Netflix but refuse to answer emails (although I have been known to send out 3 am messages that don’t always make sense). I crack a book to read, and then I’m a goner. I think about my sisters, my family, my work and what I’m gonna eat in the morning. I mentally debate whether or not I have time to do it all in one day. There are things I can’t ever seem to get to, and others I probably overindulge in. And yet my greatest discovery of the day lie within my experimental breakfast sandwich that blew my own mind. And sometimes it’s as simple as that: eat good food, hug a dog, stay up late eating cookies and try again tomorrow. #musingsof2am

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