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Amazon’s Sound Bar Is a Dirt Cheap Introduction to Immersive Home Audio

November 13, 2017 Deals By

Even a mediocre soundbar can make a good home theater set-up great. It wouldn’t be fair to call Amazon’s Sound Bar “mediocre,” but it’s certainly a worthy entry-level option. It does what all proper soundbars should: provide an immersive home theater audio experience without the need for a costly, invasive surround sound system. It is 31 inches long (best for pairing with TVs less than 42 inches), has 2.1 channel audio, Bluetooth connectivity, three modes (Standard, News, Movie) and kicks out up to 90 decibels of crystal-clear sound. Right now, you can get a standalone Sound Bar for just $50 (29 percent off); the Sound Bar with built-in Subwoofer is $80 (20 percent off).

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