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One of the Year’s Best 4K OLED TVs Costs $5,499 — Get It Today For $2,599

November 28, 2017 Deals : Deals of Note By

If you’re up to date on the latest TV technologies, you’ll know that OLED TVs are the nicest TVs you can buy. They produce darker blacks and more vibrant colors than any LCD TV. And yes, this superior picture quality comes at a cost. Most 55- and 65-inch OLEDs by LG — who make the crème de la crème of OLED TVs — cost a couple grand. That doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had, however.

The 2017 LG E7 OLED is one of the company’s high-end OLEDs — even nicer than its flagship C7P OLEDs — and a 65-inch model usually goes for $5,499. Right now, you can get a holiday deal on that same TV on Amazon for $3,397 (link here). But if you want a real steal, you can get that same TV for $2,599 on eBay. That’s 52-percent off, a total saving of almost $3,000, and it puts this 2017 OLED in the same price range as pretty-nice-but-not-OLED TVs. Insanity.

Also, this is a new TV — not “manufacturer refurbished” like many eBay deals. If you need some extra reassurance, it comes with a 30-day return policy.

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