Every single day, our style team filters through millions upon millions of style articles, clothing pieces, collection launches, brand parties, blogger fads, runway shows, fashion shoots, lookbooks and many, many more stimuli to stay on top of what’s hot in men’s fashion. In spite of all that noise, we’ll keep things simple here: just four things we’re into right now, updated each week.

Undone Mystique Collection

Undone develops watch parts like dials and cases from scratch in order to offer the best online watch customization experience, while still managing to produce quality tailor-made watches at a reasonable price point. Its new Mystique Collection, for example, features four beautiful gradient color dials that are made in-house by the brand and harken back to the colorful watch dials of the 1960s. Inside the watch’s 40mm ticks away a mecha-quartz chronograph movement from Seiko, and the entire package comes attached to a rich leather strap.

Remi Relief Indigo-Dyed Wool Sweater

This classic crew neck sweater from Remi Relief has a worn-in texture commonly found in vintage garments. But for this wool sweater, the fit is modern. It is indigo-dyed and knitted in Japan, and will compliment a range of aesthetics.

New Balance X Danner 995

To celebrate their American-made heritages, New Balance and Danner teamed up to create a unique hiking boot and sneaker. New Balance’s classic 995 silhouette forms the basis for the latter here, while premium materials like a rich nubuck leather and oxidized copper eyelets give it the appearance of one of Danner’s classic hiking boots.

The Real McCoy’s Wellington Sunglasses

Based on a popular pair of frames from the ’50s, these sunglasses are handmade in Japan. They feature glass lenses, acetate frames and a custom horsehide case. If you’re looking for quality throwback style, these frames will get you there.

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