Day Twelve

12 Days of Unwrapping Perfect Holiday Gifts

December 15, 2017 Buying Guides By Photo by Jarry Truong

Some of your favorite posts (and ours) on Gear Patrol’s Instagram feed are unboxing videos. What better time of year to do twelve in a row? We wrapped up twelve perfect holiday gifts — some that you’ll see on our site, but some that will only appear in this series — from small to large, and we’ll be unwrapping and reviewing them from now through December 15th. If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram to see these videos first. But we’ll also be continuously updating this post with the latest video. Happy gifting.

Day 12: 2017 Bentley Bentayga SUV

What We Love: Bentley’s Bentayga SUV — the “most luxurious, hand-built, all-terrain vehicle on Earth” — is an ultimate expression of grandeur. It is opulence gone mobile.
Why It’s a Great Gift: especially if you’re into showing off, there’s nothing better; not everyone will see your private jet or come over to stroll through your exotic animal petting zoo.
Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

Day 11: Crown and Caliber Vintage Rolex Submariner 5513

What We Love: This Crown and Caliber Rolex Submariner is an iconic watch, but the 5513 reference of the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s — with its matte dial, tritium lume and slimmer case — might be the one of the best-looking iterations that’s still reasonably affordable.
Why It’s a Great Gift: Anyone would be thrilled to receive this vintage Rolex Submariner from Crown and Caliber. Because of their longevity, mechanical watches make great gifts, and a vintage Rolex in particular will continue to increase in value the longer you hold onto it and wear it. Plus, Crown and Caliber is a company you can trust; each watch is authenticated and comes with a one-year warranty.
Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer

Day 10: Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Malt

What We Love: Named Best Single Malt in the World at the World Whisky Awards in 2017.
Why It’s a Great Gift: Notes of vanilla, wood, dark chocolate, pepper and more combine for a luxurious gift that keeps giving with every pour.
Caitlyn Shaw, Social Media Coordinator

Day 9: Allbirds Wool Loungers

What We Love: Minimal, sustainable slip-ons great for air travel or home.
Why It’s a Great Gift: It’s affordable, and shows the person that you want them to travel comfortably.
John Zientek, Associate Staff Writer

Day 8: Nintendo Switch

What We Love: It’s the coolest console of the year, and it’s the only one that lets you play Nintendo exclusives, like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey.
Why It’s a Great Gift: If they loved playing GameBoy, this will make their year.
Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Day 7: Keap Discovery Kit

What We Love: Four scents in one stylish kit, matches included, and handmade in Brooklyn.
Why It’s a Great Gift: Scents are incredibly personal; this kit allows the gifted to switch between flavors depending on his or her mood.
Caitlyn Shaw, Social Media Coordinator

Day 6: Apple TV 4K

What We Love: For anybody who has a 4K HDR TV, loves Apple products and has a huge backlog of iTunes movie and music purchases, the Apple TV 4K is the streaming device they want.
Why It’s a Great Gift: It’ll automatically upgrade movie purchases to 4K for free and put their photos and videos on the big screen, directly from their iPhone.
Tucker Bowe, Associate Staff Writer

Day 5: Candylab Toys Pioneer

What We Love: Instead of daydreaming of overlanding while starting off into space, stare at this minimal-esque “toy” desk decor.
Why It’s a Great Gift: Any adult car enthusiast who says he doesn’t like toys is lying.
Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

Day 4: Blanc Creatives Cocktail Muddler

What We Love: Good-looking hardwoods, sturdy design that’ll stand up to daily use.
Why It’s a Great Gift: It’s a splurge — a tool that looks good and is functional.
John Zientek, Associate Staff Writer

Day 3: Leatherman Wave

What We Love: It’s durable, fits in your pocket and has 17 different tools so you’re always prepared.
Why It’s a Great Gift: The Wave is Leatherman’s jack of all trades. It’s sure to find a way into anyone’s toolbox.
AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

Day 2: Aesop Hwyl Eau de Parfum

What We Love: It’s a subtle fragrance inspired by a Japanese forest, designed by a respected French perfumer.
Why It’s a Great Gift: It’s a unisex fragrance that will work well with a range of bodychemestries, and isn’t overt.
John Zientek, Associate Staff Writer

Day 1: Stealth Matte Black AirPods

What We Love:BlackPods are the matte-black, military-grade-glossed version of your favorite earbuds. They’re super rare — they’re all black — but use the reliable Apple tech you already love.
Why It’s a Great Gift:Apple only sells AirPods in white. Hardly anybody has black AirPods.
Black AirPods are super rare. But at the end of the day they’re still AirPods, which are amazing truly wireless earphones.
Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer