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Today in Gear: Vodka Made from Fog, Inflatable Backcountry Chairs and More

December 22, 2017 Briefings By

New & Noteworthy Releases

Fogpoint Vodka
So. The best part of Fogpoint Vodka isn’t that it’s “made from Northern California Fog.” The greatest part is that the man whose innovative process captures the fog moisture is named Chris Fogliatti. Meant to be, for sure. Find a beautiful bottle for yourself and see what’s unique — beyond the obvious — about the “responsible, sustainable practices.” –Nick Caruso

Trono Inflatable Chair
Those rickety old aluminum and nylon-weave folding chairs you inherited from your parents are cool because they’re vintage, but they’re also, well, rickety and summerly uncomfortable. Next time you go to the beach — or sit in your yard or really anywhere — unroll your Trono, wave it through the air, seal it off and recline in cloud-soft comfort. An innovative take on outdoor inflatable furniture. –Nick Caruso

New Balance 247 “Lux Reptile”
New Balance continues to experiment with its 247 silhouette, and has just released a “Lux Reptile” version. The shoe features an upper made from green and beige nubuck as well as suede given perforations for both breathability and a “reptile-like” texture. — Andrew Connor

ENVE M525 G Gravel Wheelset
More and more, cyclists are ditching the pavement in favor of country dirt roads. The trend, called gravel riding, is all about injecting adventure into fitness. It’s not without its difficulties, one of the biggest being flat tires caused by the unkempt roads. ENVE, the maker of carbon fiber bike components, is tackling that problem with its latest wheelset. The M525 G is an adaptation of its popular mountain bike rims, built to house narrower tires and to prevent flat-producing pinches when cross country riders (inevitably) encounter uneven terrain. — Tanner Bowden

Rancourt & Co. Dirigo Collection
With Rancourt & Co.’s Dirigo Collection, you can get top-quality footwear for a more affordable price. The collection leans on efficiencies in the shoemaking process and overstock or economical leather to cut costs, while retaining superior craftsmanship. If you’re in the market for a great pair of shoes or boots, don’t overlook this collection — it offers incredible value. — John Zientek

Fresh Deals

This Essential Survival Lighter is 20% Off
There’s a reason why making fire using nothing but a couple of pieces of wood is considered the ultimate survival skill. Fire, and the heat it provides, is critical should things go awry in the wilderness. But making a bow drill is much harder than it looks, so it’s a good idea to have a reliable backup. Exotac’s TitanLIGHT is constructed from machined aluminum, is designed with a high rim wind guard, and uses a flint lighter fluid, a wick and flint wheel to ignite. But most importantly, it’s waterproof up to one meter, so rain won’t extinguish its ability to make a flame.

Save up to 20% on Vintage Car-Inspired Watches From Autodromo
Watch lovers and car enthusiasts alike can enjoy an Autodromo as an everyday watch. It’s likely that you — or whoever is lucky enough to be gifted one — will ogle at the design more often than you/they check the time. Since these timepieces feature clean designs with subtle nods to the golden age of racing and vintage sports cars, we can’t blame you. And now, just in time for some eleventh-hour shopping, you can get an Autodromo Stradale, Group B or Monopostso Chronograph at 20% off.


One of the Year’s Best 4K OLED TVs Costs $4,500 — Get It Today For $2,249
The C7P is LG’s flagship OLED TV. It has the same stunning 4K picture quality as the brand’s high-end W7 OLED, just without the wallpaper-thin design and extremely high price tag. We also selected it as one of the best OLED TVs in 2017. It’s an excellent TV to consider if you’re looking to make the jump to OLED, and eBay is currently offering a 65-inch C7P for $2,249 — that’s roughly $2,000 less than what it normally was going for earlier this year, and $450 less than what it’s going for on Best Buy and Amazon (which is $2,700).


Grab an Insane Deal on This Powerful Dyson Canister Vac ($430 off)
On eBay, you can score a great deal on a certified refurbished Dyson canister vacuum, the CY18 Cinetic Animal. Though the same vacuum normally retails for $600, it’s currently listed for $170 (72% off). That’s a total of $430 in savings. Wowza.

The One Headlamp I Take on Every Adventure Is Now 50% Off
Last year, before heading down to the southern tip of South America with nothing more than a one-way ticket and a backpack, I bought Black Diamond’s Spot headlamp to take along for the journey. At the time, all I cared about was the fact that it was waterproof, didn’t have one of those back-of-the-head battery packs and cost about $40. Countless nights spent in a tent later, and the Spot is still my favorite headlamp. Along with the 40-ounce water bottle I carry everywhere, it has earned a permanent place in my pack whenever I head out for an adventure.

The qualities that first drew me to buy the Spot for my trip to the Southern Hemisphere still hold true. A camping light doesn’t have to be complicated — it’s just a light source after all; it doesn’t need fancy add-ons like USB charging. The Spot is great because it’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. The headlamp uses three AAA batteries (which you’ll be able to find pretty much anywhere on the planet) and it’s fully waterproof. The main light is 300 lumens, emits light to a claimed range of 80 meters (about 262 feet) and is easily dimmable. There’s even a red night vision setting. Black Diamond also added its PowerTap Technology, which lets you cycle through modes by tapping the side of the lamp housing (a feature that strays toward gimmicky but is actually very useful for reading and cooking, among other things). Another smart feature is a lock mode that prevents the light from turning on in your backpack and killing the batteries. (You only forget to use that function once; hiking along train tracks through a Peruvian jungle in the dark was no fun.)

Beyond all that, the Spot is just plain economical. If I take a fall and accidentally crush the thing, I won’t be heartbroken that I just lost an expensive piece of gear. I’ll just go pick up a new one, because until something more practical comes around, I don’t have to think about my choice when it comes to choosing a headlamp.

Save $76 on This Rugged Leather Wallet from RRL
Now at Ralph Lauren, you can save $76 on this roughout leather wallet from RRL. Made in America with leather sourced from Ralph Lauren’s cattle ranch in Colorado, this wallet is lined with Japanese cotton and features a concho snap. It will age beautifully, and will only get better with the passing years.

Deal: This $100 iTunes Gift Card Only Costs $85
An App Store & iTunes gift card is a great last minute gift for anybody with an Apple device — whether that’s an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple TV. They can rent and buy movies and music from iTunes. They can buy apps. They can buy books from the iBooks Store. And a $100 gift card can actually go pretty long way. If you order on eBay now, you can buy a $100 gift card for only $85 — it’s a really good Christmas deal. Once ordered, they’ll email you the discount code so you can gift it to somebody immediately.

Note: This is not an Apple gift card that can be used to buy products at Apple Stores, like an iPhone or AirPods.

Save 23% on Socks You’ll Actually Want for Christmas
Now at Need Supply Co., you can save 23% on these Japanese-made Chup Stratum socks. They feature an elasticized cuff and structured toe and heel. Easy to care for, these marled socks are a notable wardrobe upgrade and a thoughtful last-minute gift idea.

Now in Stock at the Gear Patrol Store

GP Keychain Black Edition
Our popular keychain is now available in flat black. Each keychain is handmade in Germany from durable sailing rope and aluminum stamped with a subtle logo. They’re perfect for your everyday keys or the weekend ride.

The PATROL Sweatshirt
It’s simple, modern and here just in time for winter. We’ve sweated the fit and feel of it with a best of both worlds result: you’ll love the not-too-heavy wearability yet not-too-light feel. It sports just the right amount of warmth to be worn alone (underneath a shirt-jacket or insulated coat) or over a t-shirt for colder weather. We’ve also designed the PATROL logo with a tone-on-tone effect that pops enough to show your support without being a walking billboard.

Made from a premium tri-blend material and printed with water-based inks. And of course, the PATROL sweatshirt is 100% American-made.

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