over-the-Top Luxury Meets Overlanding Adventure

Mercedes Will Transform Your Camping Weekend With the X-Class Pickup

January 6, 2018 Cars By

The adventure vehicle market is kicking off 2018 in luxurious form with two concepts for the upcoming Mercedes X-Class pickup. Next week, at the CMT Show (a European adventure travel tradeshow) in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes will be showing off a bed-mounted cabin by Tischer and a collapsable kitchen system by VanEssa Mobilcamping.

Mercedes says the add-ons are just concepts for now, but a quick look at Tischer’s site and you’ll see they already make the same camper cabin for the Nissan Navara — the pickup truck the X-Class is based on. But, sadly, since the X-Class isn’t slated for the U.S., probably won’t see these classy looking overlanding accouterments. Though it is nice to see luxury brands like Mercedes getting excited and involved in a space that’s continuously growing.

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