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This Over-Engineered Coffee Grinder Will Take Your Morning Routine to the Next Level

February 9, 2018 Briefings By

Rangefinder? Rifle scope? Nope, coffee grinder. The glaring aesthetic resemblance isn’t a happy accident, though, as Kanso Coffee aims to bring a similarly superlative level of accuracy to the hand-ground coffee game. The Hiku is the Kickstarter-funded company’s latest foray into the coffee gadgetry and packs several patent-pending features: a 41mm stainless steel grinding burr (a drastic increase in grinding surface area over most hand grinders); stepless grind control for hyper-specific custom grinds; a bead-blasted aluminum matte body; and a wave spring crank designed to keep the burr and grind wheel perfectly concentric. The Hiku is available to pre-order on Kanso’s site with plans to deliver in June.

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