Each One Is Hand-Painted

The Karma Automotive Hood Badge Is The Most Beautiful Modern Car Detail

March 28, 2018 Cars By Photo by Nick Caruso
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Karma Automotive (formerly Fisker, whose car was called the Karma) has the most unbelievably gorgeous badge in the car industry. It graces the Revero, a swoopy, $130,000=plus hybrid sedan that is also one of the more unique shapes in production today. Every individual badge is “hand-painted by an artist and set in a precision-machined ring of aluminum,” which means each one is minutely different, rendering each car unique. The badge continues a unique-details theme that included reclaimed wood interior materials and paint colors inspired by different environments.

In a press release from 2017, Karma said “The inspiration behind the Karma logo was an eclipse, showing a spark of sun, the eternal symbol of endless renewable energy.” (It also reminds me of the title card for the Cosmos docu-series reboot, which uses an image of the Helix Nubela.) Either way, it’s a stunner and a far cry from the chrome blobs on most hoods.

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