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This Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet Is Only $10 Right Now

May 10, 2018 Deals By

Point blank: there’s not an American-made piece of cast-iron out there that is a better deal at retail price than a Lodge. The only widely-available producer of American cast iron cookware has been cranking out all manner of cookware from the same factory in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, for more than 120 years, and selling skillets that can last a lifetime for what a trip to the movies costs. Lodge’s 8-inch skillet will fit a single large steak just fine, is more maneuverable than its larger cousins (only a bit over three pounds) and simply takes up less precious cabinet space. It also happens to be the perfect size for a dual serving of crispy, hearty breakfast hash. Just saying.

Right now, along with a slew of equally enticing products, which are listed below, the 8-inch cast-iron skillet is discounted to a whopping $10. $10.

8-Inch Skillet by Lodge $20 $10

5-Quart Double Dutch Oven by Lodge $64 $38

Sear Press by Lodge $27 $13

10.5-Inch Grill Pan by Lodge $33 $19

Reversible Stove Grill & Griddle by Lodge $48 $30

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