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My Go-To Motorcycle Helmet Is Only $210 Right Now

June 28, 2018 Deals By

I don’t exactly know when or where the Bell Moto-3 became my go-to motorcycle helmet, but, I just recently realized I keep picking it up over my other helmets, time and time again. There’s something about its simplicity that draws me in — that, and the ’60s styling. Today I just might pick up another one, in a different color, because it’s on sale at only $210.

My helmet collection has steadily grown over the years and if you line them all up, side by side, you can definitely see a trend. In my first couple years of riding, I always gravitated towards more aggressive, aerodynamically focused lids designed for street bikes. And considering all the street bikes I was riding, it made sense. But now that I find myself on a wide variety of motorcycles, the Bell Moto-3 seems almost always to fit the bill.

The original Bell Moto-3 was the first full-faced off-road riding helmet on the market, but since its reintroduction, it has worked its way into almost every demographic of motorcycle riders. The simple mid-century design is so elegantly basic that it acts as a blank canvas of style that matches almost anything. I’ve worn it without the visor; I’ve paired it with sunglasses and, of course, goggles.

The rise of neo-classic scramblers and cafe racers certainly spurred Bell on to bring the Moto-3 back to the market, but all those retro bikes needed an equally timeless helmet to match. That said, it’s not the best helmet on the market. There are cutting-edge wind tunnel-tested carbon fiber helmets that can probably withstand a nuclear blast, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend 2,600-mile rides across Canada in an open face helmet. But, when all is said and done, the Bell Moto-3 offers modern levels of protection along with jack-of-all-trades styling good for daily riding, and you really can’t ask for more.

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