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The One Pair of Sunglasses I’m Wearing All Summer Long

July 6, 2018 Editorial & Opinion By

Summer is pretty much the highlight of my year. I pride myself on being able to recite any plans (by memory) for the next 12 weekends. From summer Fridays to annual family vacations, I’m a big supporter of scheduling time away from the city. With that amount of travel (and play) comes a succinct packing list. While my list is nearly perfect, I always had trouble finding a versatile pair of sunglasses. I need something that stays in place while I run, doesn’t move if I sweat and doesn’t make me look like an alien when I’m meeting up with friends for a drink. It’s a surprisingly hard task to ace. That was until I tested a pair of Under Armour’s latest sunglasses.

Before testing them, Under Armour’s Road Getaway wouldn’t have been my first choice. I tend to lean towards a slightly more round Ray-Ban style with smaller frames. Aviator-style frames can sometimes be intense, thanks to the association with the military and fighter pilots, but for some reason, I felt I could pull these off.

Beyond protecting my eyes from the UV rays, these sunglasses also feature a handful of helpful features. The silicone nose pads and temples provide enough traction for these lightweight sunglasses to stay in place while I run, hike and bike. Both the nose pads and the silicone tips on the gunmetal temples adjust to fit my face. Regardless of how much I sweat, the glasses never move. They’ve already survived countless drops from my bike-to-work commute, been thrown on boat docks and have been dunked in the ocean — all with no sign of wear and tear.

I tend to switch up my sunglasses depending on my activity, but since May, I’ve only carried this pair. They’ve held up through treks to Storm King, on trail runs upstate and to happy hour drinks with friends. This classic style works for just about everything. It doesn’t hurt that I feel like it ups my cool-factor (which now that I’ve mentioned it, has plummeted). Regardless, these are the sunglasses I’ll be wearing for the foreseeable future.

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