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Is This the Best Tequila Brand in the World? These Experts Seem to Think So.

July 24, 2018 Home By

El Tesoro’s tequilas swept the tequila categories at International Spirits Challenge recently, taking the only golds in each of the three tequila sub-categories.

Where other spirit categories saw brand variance on the top of the podium, El Tesoro mopped up — its blanco, añejo and extra añejo all seizing the only golds doled out in each respective sub-group.

El Tesoro is owned by arbiters of what feels like 50 percent of the spirits industry, Beam Suntory, but crafted by Carlos Camarena, a tequila making savant from and working out of the Mexican highlands. Camarena is responsible for various award-winning tequilas: Tequila Ocho, Tapatio and now El Tesoro.

Each of the three award-nabbing bottles is available nationwide and priced around $55.

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