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The New Ochs und Junior Day/Night Is Mesmerizing

July 25, 2018 Watches By

Ochs und Junior have distinguished themselves as possibly the most innovative concern in modern complicated watchmaking, designing timepieces whose functionality typically require hundreds of parts with, instead, only a few additional parts atop a base movement.

However, the brand also has a penchant for re-thinking the design of classic complications, or adding upon existing complications to create unique pieces, of which their new Day/Night is certainly an example. The watches features a unique dial that informs the wearer of the length of the day and nighttime for his/her particular location (and then adjusts them dynamically according to the season) and also displays solar noon, sunrise and sunset times, the position of the sun and moon in the sky, and the moonphase, date and time.

How does it do all this using only a handful of extra parts, you might ask?

I’m no physicist – what the hell are you asking me for?! Go watch the video on their website, where O&J co-founder Beat Weinmann explains the Day/Night’s functionality much better than I ever could. Suffice it to say that this is another incredible piece from O&J co-founder and brilliant watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, and it certainly deserves your attention. Customizable from CHF16,000.

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